Customer management

Manage all relationships with potential and existing customers, opening business opportunities or closing business relationships. Load all contacts into the Data app and pour them into the Sales app. Notify the whole team every time you manage a client, commenting on every opportunity associated with the contact. Manage earnings and commissions in a single app by configuring the list of your services or products

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The Sales app lets you store customers, contacts, information, companies, leads and sales opportunities

Get a wider picture of your contacts and know exactly what to talk about the next time you meet or email any of the contacts in the application

+ 1500

users use the app daily

+ 40 %

time saved using a structured tool

+ 500

opportunity won" closed daily"

+ 20000

messages exchanged daily between market users

Sales Map

you will get a general overview of all your business contacts in the app. You can filter them by choosing: ’types’ or ’states’ of opportunity, ’products or services’ or using standard fields


you will have the possibility to filter the opportunities according to parameters set by the Team. You will have the possibility to configure the ’states’ of any attvità, as an example ’won, lost, ...’, the services that your company offers or the products that it advertises and sells

Selling Tip

upload sales tips by training your market agents online. You’ll have the option to upload videos, Google presentations, or simple documents, saving valuable time for your individual training

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