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View the profile of all the companies/startups on HUI in the Islands app of the HUI.play section

Each Island shares the metrics or graphs to be displayed to investors in order to evaluate the convenience of the investment. With the help of the automated rating relating to the assets and activities of the startup or company, the investor will have a real time Pitch Deck

+ 300

charts configured daily

+ 40 %

effectiveness in all business activities

+ 50 %

the likelihood of achieving the business objective

+ 60 %

man hours saved by loading data via API


By a sophisticated algorithm, the investor will be able to see in real time the rating of the assets and assets according to the Startup and Company HUI Model. The rating is calculated based on the activities carried out within the HUI platform by the Startup Team or Company


Get an overview of all the graphics that the startup or company makes available to investors. The graphs were created by the CEO by choosing automated metrics via API. The origin of the data is always automated and always transparent and you can see real time variations.

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