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Always keep an eye on all your company comments. With the wall app you will always have a complete view of all the messages and comments of the companies to which the user is logged. You can interact with all the friends of the island commenting on the messages already present in the wall or creating new ones and notifying who you think appropriate


View all users using HUI! The islander app allows you to have a global view of all users, analyzing their records, activities and assets and what projects they are involved in. You can also view the latest messages written by the user on the wall and comment on them


Get a global view of all public companies, in addition to the companies of which the user is part. By entering each island you can see the friends working for the island, activities and assets


With the new Achievements app you can discover all the Achievements you have already unlocked and which ones you are about to unlock! Monitor percentages and increase your productivity on HUI! The more you use HUI, the more Achievements you unlock and the more HUICoin you get. You can use our cryptocurrency (HUICoin) to buy goods and services on the marketplace or in turn donate to a user for Challenge.


Search all the job-opportunities" you can apply for and publish new job offers for your company. In this section all HUI users will be able to search opportunities of job and collaboration"


Search or sell goods and services through the centralized marketplace (user-to-incubator) and P2P (user-to-user) for the sale of goods and services. You can sell your entire database, or you can create more a list from the Data app and decide on the amount of data and the cost; soon after you will be present in this section, ready to be purchased

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