Email Marketing Automation & Manual

Design lead generation actions, lead nurturing and increase sales opportunities, sending custom mails to all contacts in your database. Manage all newsletters by automating them and scheduling the date and time of sending. View campaign results in real time with data on opening, conversion and interaction rate

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The Mail app allows you to design, program and send mail, both manual and automated

Communicate with your potential client in a personalized way, communicate your company’s services and verify the rate of opening, conversion and who interacted with the email

+ 70 %

time saved thanks to the automation of newsletters

+ 1500

marketing campaigns sent daily

+ 50 %

to carry out a performance dem campaign by verifying opening rates

+ 50 %

of man hours saved

Auto Dem

Program and customize dem automated, setting date and time of sending and frequency daily, weekly, ...

Manual Dem

With the built-in editor you can create custom dems, even in HTML format, and control the parameters that are constantly updated

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