Influencer, media and public relations management

Manage in a structured way the activities of Public Relations and the relationship with Media and influencer and related documentation. Import the accounts into the Data app and revert them to the Public Relation app. Filter them according to pre-set fields, open and comment on new opportunities and notify the whole team

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The Influence app allows you to manage PR (Public Relations) activities related to contacts visible in PRM

Creates a requirement of PRN (Public Relations need) relative to 1 company and works to satisfy those PRN through an adequate number of PRO (Public Relationship Opportunities) with respective influencers

+ 500

users use the app daily

+ 40 %

time saved using a structured tool

+ 1000

PNR open monthly

+ 4000

messages exchanged monthly between users in the app


in this section you can organize your business setting goals, audience and what number of influencers and media to contact


organize all documents, press releases and social posts

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