Company contact management

Import manually, via APIs or Excel sheets all your company’s contacts and organize them according to preset fields, adding tags and what kind of resources they can bring to your company. You will have the possibility to add categories, fields and values in order to have a more detailed targetization of your lists

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The Data app allows you to create a database in a simple and intuitive way

Manage your contacts without complicating your life between command lines, complex programs and strange system configurations

+ 30000

contacts imported daily

+ 40 %

time saved by importing contacts from files

+ 500

lists created daily for marketing activities

+ 60 %

to have a performance database thanks to the feature ‘graphics’


Create new ad hoc lists for dem and marketing campaigns, modified as you see fit. You will have the possibility to create several very segmented lise thanks to the numerous standard and customizable fields present in the DB

Db Need

inform all company users of the need to find new contacts that will be used for marketing campaigns of your company


constantly check the fields, categories and values of all contacts. You will have a transversal view of which data you can rely on and which to update

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