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Get a transversal view of your companies by checking the agenda with all events, milestones and todo. You will have a complete schedule, very intuitive, where you can check which todo, milestone or events are expired"

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The Dashboard app allows you to keep control of your activities

Always keep an eye on your work and never be late for a meeting

+ 8000

monthly open activities and milestones

+ 2000

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+ 4000

todo closed daily

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Always keep an eye on the schedule and respect the deadlines of your projects. You will have a total view of all the activities of your company; each activity is marked with a different color and a box always tells you if the activity is planned, in progress or expired


Calendar all your events, choose the people to invite and indicate the place where the meeting will take place. Once the meeting is over do not forget to mark the event as ’closed’


Sets applications that you view often and that are essential to your daily work. You can view all charts without having to go through the Intelligence app

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